Re-defining the art of bread making

Food by Mike

I came to the realisation on Sunday that I’ve perhaps been worried unnecessarily about eating too much bread. I have always loved bread, but after Sunday I have a new found appreciation thanks to 3 generations of knowledge from a hard working Italian family.

Screen Shot 2016-10-09 at 5.09.29 pm.png
image via @salvatores_son on Instagram

Cesare Salemi is the definition of a great Australian business. The type of business that is the backbone of our economy and culture. Cesare’s latest offering Dust Bakery at the much talked about Tramsheds Harold Park is a perfect example of what hard work and passion delivers. By the way, I’ve been told the word ‘passion’ is cliché and I absolutely disagree. I loving listening to people talk about what they love, when you love something, you’re passionate about it and that’s that.

Back to the Tramsheds which opened around 4 weeks ago. Many of my friends had already visited and had sprayed photos…

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