Social Media Management

Social media for businesses.

Ensure your business stands out from the crowd.

What does social media management do for businesses? 

One of the first questions I always ask a business owner is do you want more customers? Of course the answer is always yes. Millions of Australians engage with social media every single day, and our service gets you fully set up on social media and provides recommendations on the ongoing management of it, whether that is managed by yourself, or our monthly ongoing packages.

We set up your social media pages, post updates on your behalf, and manage your Facebook Ads campaigns should you wish to strategically target potential customers.

We help you to grow your client base and help you reach new customers every day.

How much does social media management cost? Our service fees start from $750.00 per month. Contact me at for a quote based on your requirements.

Does Social Media really work for businesses?
– Yes, and it can work for your business too. Over 50% of all sales and online enquiries are driven by social media. Consumers today are savvy and well informed, and more and more purchase decisions are being based on the recommendations of friends and online reviews. It’s essential for businesses to establish a strong online presence in order to reach these customers.

A simple 3-step process: bigstock-Modern-Keyboard-With-Colored-S-68403502.jpg

1. We’ll create your brand’s social media presence across the key social platforms.

2. We’ll actively engage with the social networks on your behalf.

3. We’ll report on progress monthly so you can see growth.

Create – We work with you to understand your brand voice and values, and then post, tweet, gram and upload customised content to all your social networks on your behalf. Updates are always relevant to your brand and includes news, images, product releases, business milestones, and other interesting and engaging content that we find online. The guidelines and business goals we agree on initially determine the acceptable content which we review together on an ongoing basis to make the engagement relevant and suitable for the ever changing consumer landscape.

We customised a business page for you on Facebook, with your brand’s logo or image, and key design elements. We’ll find a great cover image, profile picture, complete all the ‘about’ info and optimise the page so it can be found easily.

If it’s part of your package, we repeat this process on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ business pages, and a YouTube channel, Pinterest, Tumblr or Instagram page if required. The links to your social media channels are also added to your current website’s homepage if required, by either us or your webmaster.

Engage – We can also set up and manage your Facebook competitions and special promotions including sales, product launches and more. We will assist you with any creative campaigns you would like to explore to engage more people with your brand, drive them to your website, and increase your sales.

*Report – We provide you with a monthly report of all activity across your social media channels, with rich data on the demographic breakdown of your audience, and details of all their interactions.

*Provided to clients who have it included in their package. Additional reporting can be quoted and provided upon request.

Referees: Written and Verbal references are also available at any time from my clients.

SEO Services: Ask me how I can help you perform better across search engines. SEO website content reviews can also be provided to ensure you have the right balance of words that your customers search for.

Enhance your brands presence in 2018!

Mike Galvin 

Managing Director
MG Social Media Management Sydney


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