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I’ve worked across many industry’s in my life including hospitality, IT, telecommunications, banking, social media, web design, interior design and content management to name a few. I also love presenting, public speaking and blogging. I have a great passion for food and travel and through my blog I have found an outlet to use my qualification as a chef. I was beginning to think my professional cooking career was all over, but perhaps not.

IMG_1644Born in Sydney 1975, I grew up with my family in the upper Hunter country town of Muswellbrook NSW. This provided great insights into the wine industry and as a keen historian, I spent much of my upbringing discovering the history of the places around the region. I also had the added benefit of growing up with my Grandmother, Elsie Nicol. Elsie was a great cook, and inspired me to go into commercial cookery at a young age.

I moved back to Sydney when I was 19, and worked as a Chef de Partie in 2 well known Sydney hotels. Longing for a career change, I presented my credentials to a major telecommunications company where I gained much experience in the corporate world. After 2 months in the United States, I returned to Sydney bored and frustrated and left the telecommunications game. Not long after that I commenced work in a corporate banking role, delivering IT solutions. Throughout this time I remained very focused on my love for food, wine and travel, and also critiqued my presentation skills and embraced many opportunities to host events and public speaking engagements.

“Working in one field for your entire life scares the hell out of me, I could not think of anything worse. I will also never retire. Why would you ever retire when there’s so much to do and so many people to meet. The world is there for us to take by the horns and experience all it has to offer. Why just do one thing when you can do so much more.”

I have always had a travel bug, and with my partner in 2006, I relocated to Bangkok and worked regionally across Asia in a corporate travel role. During this time, I enjoyed learning Thai language, created a series of large scale abstract artworks, became a self taught web developer, studied SEO, as well as worked in a local Orphanage which was incredibly rewarding, more so than any other role I have had. When it was time to leave Asia, the next stop was New Zealand, where I returned to the corporate banking world. Returning to Sydney in 2011 with my partner, and our French Bulldog Franklin, I started my own social media business in 2015, MG Social Media Management. I also provide marketing and media support for interior design firm Andrew Loader Design as well as managing my corporate banking career.

I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I love creating each post.

To get in touch with me, please email mgalvin00@gmail.com

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Love this blog! Tres Magnifique!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mike Galvin says:

    thank you so much, that means a lot.


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