Thai Rock Flourishes Post Covid

Darlo Darlings Do Thai Rock.

A celebration of Reinvention.

Thank you to everyone who came along to the Darlo Darlings Do Thai Rock – Dinner & Show. What a night, and a great start to the Easter long weekend. Special thanks to Gary Nunn – Gary is a local journalist who contacted me after his article in the Guardian was published about Thai Rock, and asked if there was anyway Darlo Darlings could support. Over 40 people turned up to do just that. 

thai rock potts point mike galvin garry nunn
Imagine by Gary Friedland, courtesy of Thai Rock

It was great to see the smiles on owners, David and Stephanie’s faces, and that of their team. Huge thanks to Jack Rae for creating the event site and coordinating what was a wonderful evening. The food, service, entertainment and company was impeccable. 

The best way we can all support local businesses is simply by turning up, and shopping local. Congratulations Thai Rock on all your reinvention since Covid – you should be very proud of how you got through, hung in there, and came out the other side stronger. 

Sensationalised media reports had major impacts on so many businesses during Covid-19. In Gary Nunn’s article in the Guardian he says “Some have been able to bounce back; others have struggled. What do they think is the biggest differentiation factor in the Covid business comeback? How the media covered the outbreaks – from the semantics to whether a shock jock decided to make you his bete noire of the day”

Mike Galvin and Journalist, Gary Nunn. Image by Gary Friedland, courtesy of Thai Rock

I do hope one day the media stop and consider the impact sensationalised news has on not just businesses, and livelihoods, but also the damage it causes to individuals and families who work hard to build their businesses. Then there is the mental anguish, of which you can never put a price on. Congratulations Gary Nunn for calling out the impact this had on Thai Rock.

Imagine by Gary Friedland, courtesy of Thai Rock

Thai Rock is a Modern Thai Restaurant in leafy Potts Point, with 350+ varieties of gin, specialty cocktails, an extensive wine list and recipes originating from Isan region of Northern Thailand. Please pay them a visit and experience their warn hospitality and incredible cuisine. 

You can follow Thai Rock on Instagram here, find them on Facebook or visit them online.

As always, keep shopping and supporting local. Mike.

thai rock potts point mike galvin garry nunn

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