For the Love of Scrambled Eggs

Breakfast in Darlinghurst.

Scrambled eggs whisked to Perfection.

I’ve been eating scrambled eggs since I was a kid and my first scrambled memories are of Dad cooking them in a cast-iron pan. Poached, fried or scrambled, Dad always liked his eggs runny. He would usually make enough eggs for all of us, and as quickly as the mixture had hit the hot pan, he was removing his portion before returning the pan back to the heat to finish cooking our servings. Dad would also add lashings of Worcestershire sauce, HP sauce and salt. This would all soak into the toast that was topped with what’s best described a luscious mattress of butter. It’s worth pointing out that Dad has since given up butter and salt.

“Fast forward to 2019, I’m still eating scrambled eggs. I’ve never been a fan of poached, fried or boiled eggs for that matter. However I’d never say no to a well prepared curried egg sandwich.”

My current favourite scrambled egg go-to cafe is Latteria on Victoria Street, Darlinghurst. I’ve been going to Latteria for many years now. The cafe is a local institution. The business is owned by Rob, Vlad and Mark. Rob and Vladd actually met when they were both working together at Catalina in Rose Bay. In Darlinghurst they love connecting with locals and the morning breakfast banter is priceless. These guys really know how to create an authentic local vibe. They are supported at the front of house by Dotti, Jibi, Nui and Hanna.

latteria cafe Darlinghurst
For the love of great eggs!

For some reason I always assumed Rob cooked the eggs that I’ve been raving about for years, but it turns out Vlad is responsible for these deliciously light, perfectly folded parcels of goodness. Which makes me wonder, what exactly does Rob do in the kitchen. Does he cook the toast? or is he simply keeping the boys company at the back?

“The eggs are beautifully done, served piping hot and slightly runny. Just the way I like it. Unlike Dad, my sauce go to is tabasco. I love several lashings in fact. Eggs and Tabasco were made for one another.”

My other favourite way to enjoy scrambled eggs would have to be truffle infused. I love when the eggs are either cooked in truffle oil, or truffle oil is drizzled over the finished product. Of course for those more decedent brunch occasions, you can’t go past freshly shaved truffles from Gourmet Life in Edgecliff. Or maybe try some truffled eggs, asparagus and shaved pecorino cheese.

How do you like your eggs?

latteria cafe darlinghurst
Vlad’s eggs are the bomb!

I would love to hear from you – please leave a comment below with any questions you may have and I’ll get back to you very soon. You can also follow me on Instagram for more foodie moments. 

You can follow Latteria Cafe on Instagram here.

As always, Bon Appétit, Mike X

Seared pork and fennel snags, bacon, avocado and of course, scrambled eggs.


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  1. I’m more a poached fan myself, but I do love a well done scramble. I want them slightly runny but not too runny. Salt is the only thing I add to my eggs. It’s actually one of about 3 things I put salt on… #odetolatteria 🤣🍳🥚


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