Sydney SocialTable

Ready, Steady, Social.

The art of sharing food with strangers.

I’ve always been a highly sociable person and I’m sure most people who know me would never describe me as an introvert. With that said, recently I took my comfort zone on a short journey by booking a seat at a SocialTable evening held at a restaurant in Sydney’s Darlinghurst.

SocialTable is exactly that, a community of diners who don’t want to sit at home alone or behind an App on a Saturday night. Instead, opting to take a plunge to expand their horizons and network whilst meeting new faces. I had some reservations at first thanks to a few little butterflies brewing in my belly. You see, I love a good SocialTable, I’ve been known to pull together 20 of my closest with the mostest at the drop of a hat, everyone always has an absolute ball. This however was a little different, let me explain.

Sydney social table
Image SocialTable

“The brewing butterflies had nothing to do with a group of people, it was more to do with having no control over the attendees. I mean who would be at the table? What would we have in common? What if they didn’t like me (as if) ? I’m exaggerating but the thought did cross my mind as I left my apartment and headed down the hill to the event venue du jour, Rey’s Place.”

Rey’s Place is a Filipino fusion restaurant located on Crown Street Darlinghurst. This event caught my eye as I had always wanted to try Filipino food and for someone who has literally eaten my way through most cuisines and countries, this was one I hadn’t explored.

Mikey Sydney food blogger
Rey’s Place. Image Mike Galvin

I talked two friends into booking a seat also and we met at Stanley Street’s fabulous new comer, Jack and Knife. Perched at the recycled timber bar we had a gorgeous Pinot Grigio and a warm bucket of velvety Jalapeño and Lime Popcorn. I can’t wait to go back and try their wood fired smoked meats. I also hear they too are about to host a SocialTable experience.

Just after 8:00pm my AppleWatch started buzzing telling me it’s time to make the 120m trek to meet perhaps ten of my newest best friends. We were not the first to arrive and as the table filled it was clear that everyone was there for one reason. They had all made a conscious decision to simply be social and enjoy a meal with likeminded people, that they didn’t know.

Image SocialTable

The conversation was plentiful – we laughed, introduced ourselves and shared our interests and stories. It was a real treat to sit at one table with a group of people who had a genuine and authentic interest in simply getting to know others. No agenda, just a desire to be social. Not an iPhone insight, can you believe it?

SocialTable is a great way to connect with new people and have an unexpected evening on the town. As they say, you never ever know if you never ever go, and I for one am very glad I did. Visit SocialTable on Facebook, Instagram and check out their upcoming events on their website here.

I’m in France currently – follow my Instagram or Facebook for your daily foodie fix.

As always, Bon Appétit, Mike X

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