Real Italian Street Food in Sydney

Addictive Italian Street Food

We all have our addictions and thankfully for me, thats pretty much food. OK, and great wine. I should try drinking less, but there’s so many great wines to explore, I wouldn’t be able to write about them if I didn’t try them right? That’s my excuse for now and I’m sticking to it.

IMG_3552.JPGMy food addiction has lead me back to our local, Friggitoria. Friggitoria is on Bayswater Road Potts Point and offers both dine-in and take-out options. The most impressive element to Friggitoria is its consistency, and incredible authentic Italian food. I’ve tried everything on the menu now, many things more than once, and the quality and presentation combined with the incredible genuine and caring service, is something the Sydney restaurant scene needs more of.

After a huge week working, Friday night we enjoyed chef Flavio Tosolini’s new pasta range. You simply select your favourite pasta, then the sauce and its made fresh before your eyes. Sounds familiar? Perhaps, but this is not your regular pasta offering. The difference at Friggitoria is that this is the ‘real-deal’. Perfectly cooked house-made pasta, with absolutely mouth-watering sauces.

Before I selected the pasta, I ordered Flavio’s Antipasto. The Antipasto Italiano is served with Flavio’s own fried bread, it’s light and is the perfect accompaniment to the delicious meats and cheese. I also ordered a side salad of crisp lettuce and beautifully ripe tomatoes.

IMG_3566Then came the showstopper. Beef Tortellini with mushroom, sausage and truffle sauce. My love affair with truffles has been a very long one, and this tortellini did not disappoint.

I reconfirmed this the next morning when I reheated some left-overs and dipped some crusty bread in the bowl to soak up the delicate sauce. Writing this, I can taste it. It’s a combination of flavours that are simple, yet total perfection.

And for Dessert. “Dear Tiramisu, I’m not going to say anymore about you, because you were simply too good to be true. You were the perfect blend of flavours, and super moorish. Every mouthful tasted like Italy.”12651372_472082809641643_5418929160472658390_n

It’s places like Friggitoria that reinstall faith into the Sydney dining scene. Chef Flavio explains the menu, the ingredients which creates a total culinary experience.

For years I have watched the decline of some of my favourite Sydney restaurants, from casual favourites through to finer dining establishments. The decline is usually contributed to the quality and inconsistency of food, and the descending levels of service, a pet hate of mine. Service is everything! At Friggitoria, consistency is guaranteed, as well as smiling Italian faces who create authentic Italian street food from the heart.

In my travel blog for Carolinasusi Italia Tours, I interviewed chef Flavio and discovered the story behind Sydney’s Friggitoria. You can read the interview here. Warning, it will make you hungry, very hungry 😉

“From my heart, I would describe Italian street food as comforting as a loved one’s embrace.” Flavio Tosolini

Flavio was born in Naples and enjoyed Italian street food from an early age. He is an advocate of humble and simple food, using fresh locally sourced ingredients and combining them with the same simplicity and artistry that his Nonna would have used.

The menu is not just Neapolitan, there are many more elements borrowed from other Italian regions such as Sicily for the Arancini, Ariccia for the Porchetta and Puglia for the Panzerotto.

Friggitoria’s menu is also now available via Suppertime Home Delivery, but I highly recommend stopping by to have a chat with Flavio about his menu, and his food philosophy. Friggitoria gets two thumbs up and five stars from me for bringing a little piece of Italy to Potts Point Sydney… Long may it last.




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