Sticky Fingers Kitchen and Bar Surry Hills

Surry Hills cafe culture is alive, well and very tasty.

Your taste buds deserve a trip to Sticky Fingers.

Located in Pelican Street Surry Hills, Sticky Fingers Kitchen and Bar is a fine example of what people want from a local cafe experience. Great service, atmosphere and fabulous food.

Let’s start with the food, the new brunch menu is an absolute breath of fresh air and a welcomed departure from some of the standard brunch offerings across Sydney. Sydneysiders have been obsessed with brunch for years now, and when I head off to brunch I usually know what will be on offer and I’m rarely surprised by the menu. There’s nothing wrong with this of course, but like us, our taste buds deserve a holiday from time to time.

sticky fingers kitchen bar surry hills cafe
Owner Tristan Chan is hands-on and leads a dedicated and polished team

“Think pancakes served with chocolate soil & miso caramel ice cream, egg and bacon rolls with mac and cheese, a new twist on avocado on toast featuring citrus and truffle honey, goats cheese and pistachio nuts, and forget traditional eggs benedict, take it up a notch with the exotic pulled pork benedict served with poached eggs and a spiced bacon hollandaise.” 

Sticky Fingers Kitchen and Bar is the perfect place to sit and watch the local foot traffic go by. It is a favourite of weekday workers and for locals on the weekends, it is also the perfect stop for a take away coffee on your way to the office. The coffee on offer is from award winning roasters, The Golden Cobra, and it is superb. The Golden Cobra is well know for their quality beans, from the sourcing and selecting, through to the roasting process. Sticky Fingers Kitchen and Bar owner Tristan Chan is very passionate about coffee and personally oversees all of the Barista activity to ensure quality and consistency.

sticky fingers kitchen bar surry hills cafe
Coffee brewed to perfection, beans from The Golden Cobra

I love cafes where you immediately feel welcome and like a local. It is not an easy task for a cafe to achieve, you need strong support from the community to get that ‘local vibe’ feeling which is created from the atmosphere. At Sticky Fingers Kitchen and Bar, you get the feeling that it is a meeting place and that most people had been there before. Many people stopping by for takeaway coffee knew the owner Tristan by name, as did many of the other people dining in. Tristan and his team have a great connection with their customers and they deliver very seamless and highly polished customer service.

surry hills cafe breakfast brunch
Attention to detail is the ‘method du jour’ at Sticky Fingers Kitchen and Bar

The fruit salad, humbly titled ‘fresh fruit medley’ would have to be hands down the best fruit plate I have tasted. It was beautifully constructed with a perfect selection of seasonal fruit, and combined with textures of pomegranate and puffed rice. All of the ingredients were simply made for each other. In the centre was a ‘thai milk tea syrup’ which was the perfect accompaniment and a great example of the Surry Hills cafe’s innovative approach to brunch.

sticky fingers surry hills fruit salad
Possibly the best fruit plate I have ever tasted

I also tried the breakfast bao bao, usually served with salmon gravlax, Tristan kindly replaced this with bacon due to my very unfortunate seafood allergy. The breakfast bao bao comes with two steamed bao buns, soft poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. On the side is a crunchy watercress and fennel salad. Combined, these flavours and textures work very well together. It was a real treat.

surry hills cafe breakfast
Breakfast bao bao

Sticky Fingers Kitchen and Bar ticks all the boxes and then some and is a perfect example of what locals want in a neighbourhood dining experience. Great service, atmosphere and fantastic food. A menu offering everything from the down to earth and humble ‘cheese toastie’ to the more exotic pulled pork benedict, a place where you can have a traditional latte or try the new cold drip coffee served in a hip flask. Whatever you have, your taste buds with thank you for the holiday.

Check out the menu online, or visit Sticky Fingers Kitchen and Bar on Instagram or Facebook.

As always,

Bon Appétit! 



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