New beachside dining at Bondi Beach.

Bloody Mary’s Sydney Bondi Beach.

Surf’s up Sydney and all waves lead to Bloody Mary’s Sydney.

I was never a fan of tomato juice and I still recall the morning early in 2015 brunching at the then recently opened Bloody Mary’s Sydney, in Darlinghurst. I decided to order a classic Bloody Mary, with pickles to accompany my truffle infused scrambled eggs, grilled chorizo and avocado. I was not expecting the savoury burst of flavours that day that were packed away inside the salt rimmed glass, and I have been enjoying them ever since. The difference between this tomato juice and others I had tasted before was the freshness. The taste actually made me think of my Gazpacho recipe that I am going to share with you in a couple of weeks just in time for the Australian summer.

Bloody Mary's Sydney Bondi Beach
Open Now 152 Campbell Parade Bondi Beach

“After many visits to Bloody Mary’s Sydney, and following an introduction to owners Jeremy and Cinta Rockey, I discovered that the tomato juice is in fact made onsite from a very guarded recipe created by Cinta. If you haven’t tasted it at the Darlinghurst institution you should, or perhaps head seaside to Bondi Beach where they have just opened their second restaurant, Bloody Mary’s Sydney – Bondi Beach.”

Bloody Mary's Sydney Bondi Beach
The talented Luke Nicola (Ex-Merivale) is serving up cocktails that Bondi has been craving for

Seasoned hospitality duo, Jeremy and Cinta successfully transformed the then tired Darlinghurst site and quickly lured in locals with their moorish and carefully prepared American infused cuisine, if that wasn’t already a thing, I just created it 😉 – Research and planning is a big part of the Bloody Mary’s Sydney success with Jeremy, Cinta and their young family travelling to New York to discover what’s new on the food scene there before returning to Australia to introduce us to new flavours and food concepts. They are also well versed on food trends around the world and in Australia.

Bloody Mary's Sydney Bondi Beach chicken wings
Buffalo Wings that are crispy and delicious

Whether it is the way the food is prepared or the combined flavours, originality is evident from brunch through to dinner. Since its inception in Darlinghurst, they have continued to perfect the menu to what it is today, and with the commitment, love and sheer passion that pours into their work, customers of Bloody Mary’s Sydney have great things to look forward to.

“Come join the Bondi Beach party!”

“One of my favourite lines from co-owner Jeremy Rockey is “Come and join the party” – and for some reason it’s hard to say no. With the party alive and well in Darlinghurst, we dined at the new Bondi Beach location on opening night last Thursday. If you’ve been to the Darlinghurst venue you will feel right at home, Cinta has once again created the restaurant’s interior scheme and has implemented a very soothing design that is the perfect backdrop to the food, and the Bondi Beach location and lifestyle. With colours taken from the sand, water and vegetation and cool tunes being played from the resident DJ, it’s impossible not to feel the beach party vibe.”

Efficiency, great food and hospitality is guaranteed at Bloody Mary’s Sydney

The menu and wine list borrow from the Darlinghurst site with variations. The Bloody Mary’s are of course front and centre and absolutely delicious, as well as a little addictive. The bar was a flurry of activity as cocktails were shaken and poured to perfection by the very talented Luke Nicola (Ex-Merivale).

Cinta has been working closely with the chefs at both locations to perfect even further the Buffalo Wings which are now crunchier and even more tasty than before. We also shared the Pan Fried Salmon Fillet and the Steak and Mushrooms which are our favourite’s from Darlinghurst, along with the Truffle and Parmesan Fries. Oh, and if you haven’t tasted deep fried Oreos now is your chance, it’s OK to be bad once in a while, your taste buds will thank you!

Don’t knock them until you’ve tried these deep fried Oreos. It’s OK to be bad sometimes.

Opening night for any business in the food service industry can be daunting where the unexpected usually happens no matter how planned you are. This wasn’t the case at Bloody Mary’s Sydney last Thursday and from a paying customer’s perspective it was like they’d been open for weeks and had completely settled into the local Bondi food scene.

Positioned in the heart of Campbell Parade, Bloody Mary’s Sydney is a very quick stroll from the sands of iconic Bondi Beach and with summer upon us, it is a very welcome addition indeed.

Bloody Mary’s Sydney is located at 152 Campbell Parade Bondi Beach and 332 Victoria Street Darlinghurst. 

Follow Bloody Mary’s Sydney on Facebook, Instagram or order online from Deliveroo.

As always,

Bon Appétit! 



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  1. wrookieschu says:

    I’m definitely going to try a Bloody Mary here!


  2. Mike Galvin says:

    They are so good

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