I am totally obsessed with French Cheese

For the love of French Cheese.

I’m totally obsessed with French cheese to the point I crave all of the flavours, from the delicate and subtle, to the intense and aged washed rinds and sharp yet smooth blues. Italian cheeses also get my taste buds raging and salivating for other reasons. I’ll share my favourite Italian cheeses next week. That’s a feature in itself.

A perfect French cheese board for me is one that’s at room temperature, served with a crunchy baguette and a dense freshly home made (yes made at home by you) seasonal jam. 

My favourite French cheese has to be these 3 for reasons only my taste buds can describe:

1. Pont-l’Évêque – probably my all time favourite
2. Le Chevrot – goat’s milk aged cheese (a living cheese that ripens slowly over time changing in flavour daily)
3. Roquefort – a classic

Ok, as I said I’m obsessed, so I couldn’t stop at 3. I’d justify it as a ‘back-up plan’ in case I ran out and my guests were still craving for more, but reality is I’d also add a square of Livarot and an over ripe slab of Brie de Meaux !

Pour l’amour de fromage , profitez-en!

Tell me about your cheesy obsessions?



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kim Gemell says:

    Love love love French cheese. A wonderful blog about something that I am completely obsessed with.


  2. Mike Galvin says:

    thanks so much Kim, French cheese is the best…


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