Potts Point’s New Butcher

Potts Point’s very own Artisan Butcher.

The Perfect Cut.

This morning I spent an hour chatting with our new local Artisan Butcher, Marcus Padadopoulo, and I’ve returned to the office very inspired and hungry for the culinary possibilities that await right around the corner.

Whole Beast Butchery is located in the heart of Potts Point at 5-15 Orwell Street – this follows the recent move from Marcus’s original store in Waterloo, and I have to say his concept is a very welcome addition indeed. During my time chatting with Marcus at least half a dozen people stopped by excited about the opening and the concept that takes Artisan butchery to a whole new level.

As a chef by trade, I’ve driven butchers crazy over the years with demands that range from simple requests like flattening out chicken and veal, through to more complex requests like the partial deboning of the all important Christmas ham. I’ve also had some unusual responses from butchers concerning my requests for freshly ground mince using a particular cut of beef and grinder plate size – high maintenance perhaps but if you like your beef burgers like those on offer on the Boulevards of Paris then this is an important consideration.

Potts Point Butcher

I would often get very nervous when making these requests, as many butchers are not always this accomodating. The silverlining to this dilemma is that I have visited most butchers in the east and the inner west. I love many of them for different reasons, whether it’s the traditional Italian butchers in Leichhardt, the local family run butcher in Darlinghurst, Hudson Meats in Rose Bay or the fabulous Victor Churchill in Woollahra, they all have something unique in their offering just like our newest addition to Potts Point, Whole Beast Butchery.

Whole Beast Butchery specialise in the tradition of Artisan Butchery, and all the meat is cut to order from whole beasts as the name suggests. What is clear from the produce and the presentation is the high quality and the time that has gone into creating everything from the Pork and Fennel Sausages, through to a Boneless Lamb Breast that is stuffed with seasoned Italian style mince, also used in Marcus’s Lamb Meatballs. Marcus is also offering locals a range of house made sausages, liver pates, terrines, black pudding and a limited range of fine food products such as oils, vinegars, pasta and mustards.

potts point butcher

Marcus is more than an Artisan Butcher, he is an educator and an absolute professional who has a great respect for the meat industry and the entire paddock to plate process. He is also well-versed on meat traditions around the world, in particular Marcus and I talked about the way in which the French prepare their meat and the different techniques and cuts produced from essentially the same carcasses.

Potts Point Butcher

Not only does Whole Beast Butchery cut meat to order from traditionally aged carcasses and dry aged beef that is their speciality, they also create pates, terrines and other specialities like brined chickens and mince that is ground to your liking while you wait. You can probably understand now why I mentioned at the top of this article that I was inspired and hungry by the culinary possibilities.

It’s safe to say all of my butcher dreams have finally come true and are within short walking distance. I need not worry about my high maintenance demands as nothing is a problem at Whole Beast Butchery. Marcus is all about community and understanding the unique and individual needs of his customers and I can’t wait for him to design a terrine for my next dinner party and brine a chicken ready for my next roast.

Follow Potts Point’s newest butcher on Instagram and Facebook for updates or phone 0420 710 505. Stop by and say hi to Marcus and ask him about his food philosophy – you’ll leave with a greater appreciation for Artisan Butchery and like me, I’m sure you will leave a little inspired about your next dinner party possibilities.

I would love to hear from you – please leave a comment below with any questions you may have and I’ll get back to you very soon. 

As always, Bon Appétit, Mike X

potts point butcher

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  1. I’m so happy to hear we have another butcher within waking distance! I’ve missed the Italian one since it changed hands then closed down. Thanks Mike!
    Cheers Emily

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  2. Mike Galvin says:

    Thanks so much Emily, I hear you regarding the Italian one. When Paul had it I used to love how he was always cooking a sauce or Ragu or a slow cooked dish in winter. Murray from Mudgee was great also and was well supported, not sure what happened there but hope he is doing well. Marcus is so refreshing and loves sharing his experiences and approach to food. He too will be cooking soon also, but I will let him fill you in when you stop by. Have a fabulous weekend and thanks for commenting 🙂 Mike


  3. I bought a rack of lamb yesterday. Questions about how I wanted it, how many I was feeding and then instructions on how to cook and cut it. Very different from what I have traditionally done. I will follow and see how it goes.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Mike Galvin says:

    Sounds fabulous, I love the genuine interest Marcus has in his customers, really great to see. How will you be cooking your lamb?


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