Not So Silly

The Silly Tart Kitchen Potts Point.

A real breath of fresh air for Sydney food lovers.

The Silly Tart Kitchen opened on Kellett Street Potts Point just over twelve months ago and has been impressing locals with creative cuisine and Southern Highlands vibes. The Silly Tart is not only charming, its focus on sustainability and the environment is an absolute breath of fresh air, literally. Let me explain…

“You’ve all heard the terms – Paddock to Plate, Farm to Fork etc and just between us I was getting a little tired of these terms being overused and abused by imposters riding off the back of genuine restauranteurs who support farmers and local producers. However, let’s not take away from the pioneers in this space, and the Silly Tart Kitchen is the real deal, from their garden to your plate.”

silly tart kitchen potts point sydney food blogger

They source herbs and vegetables from their vertical garden wall that has been installed inside the restaurant. When they were renovating the restaurant, it was one of the first considerations to ensure the plants got a head start before opening day. These plants are steps away from the kitchen and they provide an abundance of fresh and pesticide-free produce. Now if that’s not garden to plate I don’t know what is! 

“They also source free range and hormone free foods from boutique Australian producers, and offer their own in-house cured bacon that is displayed in a temperate controlled cabinet.”

Owners Nina Purton and Josh Cook have created an oasis in the heart of edgy Kellett Street where you get the feeling you’ve slipped away for the weekend at a country retreat. With Nina originating from Wales, and Josh from the Southern Highlands, they’ve brought together the best of both worlds to offer diners something very unique. The atmosphere they’ve created is one that takes the weight off your shoulders as soon as you walk in. Both the food and ambience marry beautifully together, it’s a balance that’s quite often hard to achieve

silly tart kitchen potts point sydney food blogger

The dinner menu is seasonal and has been very carefully considered. The balance of flavours and textures, combined with both light and hearty options makes it easy to graze. It’s the perfect menu for catching up with friends around the rustic and recycled tables, blankets in winter are optional. The wine list also supports small boutique wine-makers and is a balanced selection that offers something for all tastes and budgets.

“There is also a gin bar inside the restaurant which is where I will be parking myself on my next visit. I absolutely adore gins and the different methods vineyards are using these days to produce more fragrant products. My favourite at the moment is G’Vine from France which is a luxury gin distilled from grapes and infused with botanicals.”

silly tart kitchen potts point sydney food blogger

For dinner we were treated to the brand new winter menu, I loved all of the vegan and gluten free elements to the menu, but also the heartiness of the shredded lamb shank soup which was beautifully aromatic and comes with show-stopping chinese donuts! I say show-stopping as these donuts actually took me back to my childhood and those deliciously guilty indulgences at the Easter show, sweet and crispy with a moist soft centre. I can still taste them now. Paired with the lamb shank soup it was seriously a match made in heaven. Just looking at the photo I took below gives me hunger pains. This dish is actually one of the most creative from a flavour and texture perspective I have had in a very long time. The four times cooked salt and vinegar potatoes were an absolute tease, I’ve been craving them ever since.

silly tart kitchen potts point sydney food blogger

Our full menu included: 

Roasted garlic hummus, sesame, pomegranate seeds, capitol olive oil and flat bread 

Wine – Cooks Lot Riesling

Dads pickled cherry tomatoes and cheese plate with house smoked ham, whipped ricotta, cheddar, relish and sourdough

Wine – Simon Gilbert Pinot Grigio

Crispy skin trout, roasted rhubarb, grilled zucchini, mint, lemonade, ginger and raw honey 

Wine – Simon Gilbert Rose Sagnee

Braised Lamb Shank soup, 5 spiced, egg and Chinese donut 

Wine – Pankhurst Sangiovese

Nina and Josh are giving their customers a taste of regional Australia in their own urban backyard. In fact they have hosted several market days where local artisans set up petite stalls inside the restaurant for customers to enjoy. We went to the most recent one where Gilbert Family Wines had tastings on offer, we not only had brilliant lunch, we came away with a box of wines straight from Mudgee and Orange. It wasn’t too dissimilar to actual cellar door experience.

If you’re looking for the perfect place for a garden party, or somewhere to curl up and read your favourite book on the comfy banquettes, the Silly Tart Kitchen is for you. You can follow the Silly Tart Kitchen on Facebook, Instagram or visit their website here.

I would love to hear from you – please leave a comment below with any questions you may have and I’ll get back to you very soon. You can also follow my food journey on Facebook and Instagram

As always, Bon Appétit, Mike X

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