Sydney pasta making class with chef Flavio of Friggitoria Potts Point

Today I learned how to make pasta from an Italian and I’m pretty happy about that! I have a brand new skill to take away with me to France next week, and yes I will be making my own pasta this year in France! Along with some French classics I can’t wait to recreate some of my favourite Italian dishes. We arrive in Paris on Wednesday and I hope you can follow our journey.

Over the last few weeks chef Flavio has been offering free pasta making demonstrations at his Potts Point eatery Friggitoria.

IMG_9297.jpgChef Flavio was born in Naples and is an advocate of humble and simple food, using fresh locally sourced ingredients and combining them with the same simplicity and artistry that his Nonna would have used.

Flavio again today reiterated that simple is best and I can’t agree more.

“Select ingredients you already have at home when preparing a pasta filling. It doesn’t need to contain expensive ingredients, just ingredients that are easily accessible, fresh and simple.”

I missed Flavio’s first pasta making demonstration and when I saw the event pop up yesterday on Friggitoria’s Facebook page, I was quick to move my diary around to attend this mornings 11:00am demonstration. Friggitoria opens at 1:00pm on Saturday’s and this pasta making exercise also created the special of the day.IMG_9302

Today’s special is “House made ravioli filled with citrus ricotta”. Flavio prefers to use hearty sauces with this pasta such as  a rich ragu or the one he is creating today which features sautéed salami, cherry tomatoes, basil and loads of other Italian goodness. This dish is influenced by Sardinia, a destination close to Flavio’s heart.

At Friggitoria today we didn’t take home a recipe as such (although I took a lot of notes and photos), it was a lot more than that. We took home values that Italians teach so very well. Values passed down from Nonna’s all across Italy.

IMG_9305We spent 90 minutes in total listening to the Italian stories and watching Flavio in action. We also had a few laughs about Italian pop culture and Flavio’s 5 hours spent sawing in half a marble slab. The marble slab doubles as the pasta making table we sat around during the pasta class.

It was a great way to kick-off the weekend and I can’t recommend it enough. Plus, where else can you get free pasta making lessons! Flavio provides the demonstrations for one simple reason and that is to share his love and passion for great Italian food.IMG_9319

Follow Friggitoria on Facebook here and stay tuned for his next pasta making demonstration. You’ll love it!

I will leave you with a quote from Flavio and photos from the pasta making demonstration.

“Adjust the recipe to you and do what you like for your own tastebuds. Recipes can give you an idea of what is possible, they don’t always need to be followed.” Flavio Tosolini

If you can’t wait for the next pasta making demonstration Friggitoria is open NOW in Potts Point. I’m about to head down there now myself and pick up two servings of Porchetta. Have a great weekend all! Don’t forget to follow my posts from France on my Facebook page and on my Instagram account and stay tuned for some new blog posts and brand new recipes. Mx

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