Still Not Silly

Still Not Silly.

More than simply brunch.

This time last year I wrote an article about the Silly Tart Kitchen, which is an absolute gem situated on Kellett Street, Potts Point. If you haven’t read the article, you really should as it captures the essence of this inner-city oasis, and the reason why there is nothing else quite like it in Sydney. Check out my last article from June 2018 here titled ‘Not So Silly’ – hence the title of this article, Still Not Silly. Allow me to explain.

Owners Nina Purton and Josh Cook work seamlessly together to create the perfectly balanced ambience and menu. With Nina originating from Wales, and Josh from the Southern Highlands – the duo are absolute professionals who work very hard to please their hungry customers. Nina watches over the front-of-house, and her attention to detail throughout the restaurants interiors, and the beverage preparation is faultless. Josh presides over the Silly Tart’s Kitchen, and continues to create unique and inspiring cuisine.

“There is an authenticity in Josh’s cooking that warms my heart each and every time. It is a genuine blend of talent, creativity and hard work that is evident on every single plate that leaves the kitchen. Coupled with Nina’s hospitality, this for me is what makes the Silly Tart Kitchen such a standout food destination in Sydney. They’ve created their own unique food culture which feels just as good as it tastes.”

silly tart kitchen potts point sydney
The cheese sandwich to end ALL cheese sandwiches

Don’t ask how the cheese sandwich is created because you won’t get an answer. This tightly held secret is just between Nina and Josh, and that’s where it’s staying. Every mouthful of this creation is absolute perfection, although it did take a while for everyone to start eating their own dishes after this piece of art arrived at the table. You see this sandwich turns heads, demands a photo call and a standing ovation!

silly tart kitchen potts point sydney
Five spice meatloaf, seven day hot sauce and crispy fried twice cooked egg (poached then fried)

“I love a good meatloaf and you may have read my Meatloaf story from February 2018. The story talks about growing up with my Nana and her love for cooking meatloaf. Nana also loved baking cakes, biscuits, puddings and scones, and from a savoury-sense Meatloaf was on her list of favourites. She also made the most delicious flour dumplings that would cook on top of a beef casserole in winter. It’s that time of year in Australia, and it always reminds me of Nana’s home cooking.

I do miss Nana so very much, and her cooking.”

Josh’s five spice meatloaf was another stunner – beautifully prepared and served with greens, a twice cooked egg and his own hot sauce that had been preserved for no less than seven days. The sauce was a very savoury and equally moorish addition to a gorgeous dish. Look at those colours!

silly tart kitchen potts point sydney
Salt and Vinegar Potato Scallops – add these to your foodie bucket list!

If you haven’t tasted the Silly Tart’s Salt and Vinegar Potato Scallops, you’re depriving your tastebuds of necessary oxygen. I’m addicted to these babies and I’m totally OK with that!  You won’t see me at Scallops Anonymous any time soon.

silly tart kitchen potts point sydney
Bloody Mary – Silly Tart style

Nina loves talking to her customers about their boutique wines and cocktails. The care and attention to detail applied to the cocktail preparation is perfection. It’s always hard not to have a second round, and why shouldn’t you when you’re soaking up Southern Highlands vibes on a lazy afternoon.

As you can tell I adore the Silly Tart Kitchen and everything about it. This is the first time I have written an article on the same restaurant twice, but it would not have been fair to keep my last visit all to myself.

If you use Beam Wallet, the Silly Tart Kitchen also accepts the eastern suburbs fastest growing payment wallet for residents who love shopping local. Download it here before you visit the Silly Tart, and earn 10% back on what you spend. Enter my promo code MIKEYGALVIN to receive an instant $10.

You can visit the Silly Tart on Facebook, Instagram and via their website here. Thanks Nina and Josh for all your hard work and dedication. You should be extremely proud.

If you enjoyed my article I would love to hear from you – please leave a comment below with any questions you may have and I’ll get back to you very soon. Follow me on Instagram @mikeygalvin and Facebook for more food stories.

As always, Bon Appétit, Mike X





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  1. I want to try those scallops so bad! and now of course the cheese sandwich! Have you had the beef tartare at Jack & Knife on 3 cheese sandwich – amaze!


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